The EssentialNFC Platform of NFC enabled Products include:



NFC Related Blogging

Get the lowdown on Near Field Communication and our products

Trading Cards

Get NFC embedded trading cards, Pat Pending, for mobile games. Interactive Trading Cards on your Smartphone


Want to Play a Real World NFC enabled Adventure Game? Tap Into The Game
Closed Beta


NFC Analytics

Near Field Communication Analysis and Analytics from Get analytics for your next NFC enabled campaign

Artwork and Galleries

Near Field Communication enabled labeling for your artists. Get deeper integration for your customers by connecting the art and the artists

Auto Purchasing

Near Field Communication enabled stickers for Individual sales or for your Dealership. Demo Available.

Gifts and Live Action Cards

Birthday and Occasion Cards

NFC cards, labels and stickers for your birthday or special occasions. Say Something Special with a Card

Brides and Weddings

NFC cards, labels and stickers for your bridal gifts. Send an Ultra Special 'Thank You' note with NFC linked to Flickr, FB or any website.

NFC Christmas App

Play the 'Santa' Card this year with NFC for Christmas. Use our NFCTapCard© to dial the North Pole and get a message from Santa.

NFC Calendar

Tap Into Your Schedule. Get your Fridge calendar on your phone with just a tap on our NFCTapCard, pat. pending.

NFC Diner App

Order dinner as fast as you can Tap. Android app and NFC Fridge NFCTapCard, pat. pending, combo.

NFC Books

Tap into a good read with the NFC Books program. Publishers can augment physical books with online info using NFC

Safety and Security


NFC Tag Authentication and Authorization service. Protect retail Tag product until purchase.
Avail. Soon

SecureTap App

Android Mobile Application for multi factor Authentication. NFC for second level secure user verification with SecureTap
Demo Avail

Safety Labels

NFC can be used to link valuable online information to a physical item with these tags